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Go West, Nik Kershaw, T'Pau, Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Don't fucking judge me!

So an evening of eighties pop paradise was had by all last Saturday night. The gig had the feel of a revue show as the backing band stayed the same as the main members of Go West and Nik Kershaw and took turns to belt out the hits after a rousing opening set by Carol Decker of T'Pau.

Things I learnt from the gig:

1. That British eighties pop stars don't take themselves as seriously as their American contemporary counterparts. They know it's a bit if a laugh and that they're not saving the fucking world.

2. Far from scented lillies and rose petals in the toilet, their riders probably consisted of a few biscuits and some beer. And they were probably over the Moon with that.

3. Nik Kershaw is an awesome guitarist. And Carol Decker from T'Pau is just as pretty as I thought she was as a ten year old watching Top Of The Pops.

4. 'King Of Wishful Thinking' by Go West is one of the best soundtrack songs ever. And 'Pretty Woman' was a kinda subversive film when you think about it.

5. Dressing all in black like a member of Metallica at a pop gig, as I did, makes one feel a tad self-concious.

And you know what? It was mega. So fucking there!


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